Making A Study Space Booking Using The Planon Web App

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Table of Contents

  1. Accessing Planon with a web browser
  2. Booking A Study Space

1. Accessing Planon with a web browser

You are able to access Planon in your browser by visiting:

Click the ‘Falmouth University’ or the ‘University of Exeter’ logo (whichever is relevant)

You will now automatically be signed in via your university single-sign-on account

2. Booking A Study Space

  • When booking a space, the fields will pre-populate with your details based on your user account. If booking on behalf of somebody else, start typing their name, & select them from the drop down options
  • Select the date/time of your booking, along with the building and area of the specific study space
  • If required, select facilities
  • Click search and select your space from the graphical view
  • Click to confirm your booking. You will have the option to review, cancel or edit the booking.