Automated Number Plate Recognition

Penryn Campus

Penryn Campus operates a sustainable automated number plate recognition system (ANPR).

The main barrier for car park entry is located next to the wooden Welcome Building on the Spine Road, between the Exchange and the Launchpad. Three lanes operate in this location: ‘in’, ‘out’ and ‘flex’. The ‘flex’ barrier is bi-directional and will switch according to traffic flow at key times during operational hours. It also doubles as a large vehicle lane for deliveries and service vehicles.

When arriving at the campus the barrier will rise automatically for everybody on entry regardless of permit type or whether or not you are a permit holder, visitor, contractor, event delegate, etc.

Before returning to your vehicle – all drivers who need to pay for car parking (i.e. those who do not hold a permit) will need to visit a pay station when ready to leave and before returning to your vehicle. You will need to input your vehicle registration and follow the touch screen instructions to pay the appropriate tariff. Pay stations accept credit and debit cards.

Pay stations are located at convenient points across the campus as follows:

  • The Academy for Innovation & Research (AIR) visitors’ car park
  • The Exchange (outside, Reception side)
  • Behind The Design Centre
  • Behind The Environment and Sustainability Institute

On leaving the campus, when the appropriate tariff has been paid, the barriers will rise automatically on exit. The exit points have also been fitted with an intercom which is operational 24/7 should you require support at the barriers for any reason.

Standard Permit Holders (includes Environmentally Friendly Vehicle permits)

For students and staff who hold parking permits, your vehicle registration numbers have been entered into our database so that barriers will rise automatically on exit. If you have more than one vehicle against your permit, the first vehicle to enter the car park in one charging period will be given free exit. The second vehicle must visit a pay station before exiting the barriers. All standard permit holders will be required to park beyond the barrier.

Student Car Parking

Both universities actively discourage student residents of Glasney Village from bringing cars to Cornwall because of the wide range of range of subsidised public transport on offer. However, some students do bring cars and park them for long periods in residential areas which has a negative impact on our neighbours in the wider community. To try and ease this situation, only students with a Blue Badge who live within Glasney Village may qualify for a permit. All prospective users can apply online via Car Parking.

Streatham / St Luke’s University of Exeter Permits

These permits will continue to be valid at Penryn Campus. Users are required to register their vehicle registration number by emailing

Visitor Parking

Reserved parking bays can be booked by giving the name and vehicle registration details of the visitor plus the date and time of booking required, by emailing Please ensure that you have given the required 48 hours’ notice for Visitor Day Passes and that you can provide the vehicle registration number. Spaces are subject to availability and are limited to 10 spaces per booking per day, between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm.

A department must cover the cost of their visitors’ stay; visitor permits can be purchased. Permits can only be sold in sets of 6 and 12 at the cost of £25.20 or £50.40. A purchase order must be raised and emailed to where the permits will be added to a database ready to be used as required (they do not expire). Department’s will be charged retrospectively for this service by invoice.

If parking in one of the main car parks, you will need to visit a pay station prior to exiting the campus, enter your vehicle registration number and pay the appropriate tariff. Anyone without reserved parking will need to park in the main car parks beyond the barriers.

No guarantee for visitor parking can be made for reservations with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Electric Vehicle Permits

Electric Vehicle (EV) permit holders will be required to apply for and display the relevant permit. Parking Charge Notices (PCN’s) will be issued where vehicles do not meet this criterion.

If an EV parking permit is granted then there are twelve electric vehicle chargers available to staff and students, located in car park A at Penryn Campus. The chargers are supplied by ‘pod-point’ and access to chargers is managed via the pod-point app. Information on how to charge can be found on the pod-point themselves and their digital infographic. Pricing in pence/kWh for vehicle charging will be set as a pass through of the price paid for the main supply to campus. This will be updated each September.

The charger types are 7kw-type 2 socket. To make sure that the charging points are only used for active charging, a penalty charge of £10 will be applied if people charge for more than 8 hours.

Fitness Centre Permits

Fitness Centre external users (external is defined as any member who is not a student or member of staff of Falmouth University, University of Exeter, The SU or FX Plus) are allowed to park for up to 2 hours within the main car parks. All gym members must visit a pay station before returning to their vehicle to validate their exit in case of a discrepancy between arrival times. A fee will only be levied if the vehicle has been in the car park for over 2 hours. Fitness Centre staff must have validated the permit prior to exit.

External gym members who remain on campus beyond this 2 hour period will be charged on exit for their stay.

Disabled Parking

The registration numbers of those drivers who hold Blue Badge mobility permits will be entered into our database in advance to enable entry and exit. An application is required through the standard procedure but allocation to blue badge holders is automatic. Charges usually apply and will be in-line with the overall permit tariff for 2023/24. Blue badge holders that have a tax exemption notice from the DVLA are exempt from paying the permit tariff.

Blue badge holders are permitted to park within the disabled bays, but also in any designated parking bay within the main car parks (with the exception of reserved parking areas) – blue badges must be displayed at all times. Abuse of disabled parking spaces by unauthorised users is not tolerated and penalties will apply.

For disabled visitors, parking is chargeable, and you will need to visit a pay station to pay the appropriate tariff before returning to your vehicle. Please notify reception located at the wooden Welcome Building near the barriers if you have a Nil tax disc.


Drop off zones at Penryn Campus are located near to most buildings. They are for deliveries, loading and unloading purposes only and are limited to a 30-minute stay. Exceeding this period will result in a Parking Charge Notice.


Contractors’ vehicle registration details can be entered into our database for the duration of their works contract and should be included as part of the notification and/or permit raising request to Penryn Reception and/or our Safety and Support Team.

All Contractors are requested to sign in at Penryn Reception on arrival, located in the wooden Welcome Building next to the barriers.

Event Parking

For events, where the institution or organisation wishes to absorb the cost of car parking on behalf of delegates, please contact: Please be aware that five days’ notice is required for an event code.

Business Users Day Permits (BUDs)

The BUD enables any member of staff on essential business to purchase a one-day permit (covering you to come and go as necessary) to park in the main car parks (at Penryn Campus). It can accommodate both planned and unplanned business needs.

The first time you purchase a BUD you will need to email (with at least 48 hours’ notice) so you can be registered on the ANPR system.

Please provide the following details in this email: Name, Department, Institution, Date and Time first required, Vehicle Registration, Cost Centre, name of principal Budget Holder and finally, please state which campus you require your BUD for.

Your request must be approved by your Institution prior to the BUD request.

Once you have registered all your details there will be no need to do anything else for subsequent trips – unless you have a change of vehicle.

The principal budget holder will then be given a regular statement of usage to ensure maximum transparency in this process. Your department will be invoiced monthly for your BUD use.

To cancel or amend your BUD, please email