Responding to problems

We monitor problems and work hard to manage the impact of student residents in the local community and ensure that our students feel welcome

We encourage all our students to be respectful and responsible members of the local community and emphasise the importance of this throughout each academic year.

The impact of students on local life is something we take very seriously. We investigate all reports of student-related anti-social behaviour, but also invest a great deal of time and energy in trying to prevent problems from emerging in the first place by encouraging students to be good citizens and responsible neighbours. We’re working hard on a number of initiatives to provide solutions to many issues that affect permanent residents, such as car volume, travel, parking, rubbish and recycling, noise and anti-social behaviour.

These include:

  • Recycling awareness campaigns held on and off campus to encourage the responsible disposal of waste
  • Providing information on good citizenship and the need to integrate respectfully with the local community as an important component of our Student Housing Fair
  • A Green Travel Plan, in conjunction with Cornwall Council as a condition of our planning consent that encourages staff and students to use sustainable forms of transport. Sustainable transport options include using the bus, the train, cycling and walking. Promoting sustainable transport choices not only reduces the carbon emissions associated with our university campuses, but also decreases pressure on the campus car parks and adjacent residential streets
  • Robust procedures to handle complaints regarding off-campus anti-social behaviour
  • Working with The Students’ Union, awareness campaigns, in conjunction with external agencies. For instance, Safety and Crime Prevention.
  • Working collaboratively with councils to produce a student accommodation strategy that provides a responsible, managed solution to our future needs; that encourages private developers to build accommodation that students want to live in and that alleviates pressure on the private rented housing sector, meeting the needs of the local community.

If you would like to report a student related concern or seek advice, please telephone our community issues helpline on 01326 370737

This helpline is responded to 24/7.

There is also an email address to post messages to:

You will receive an acknowledgement within three working days.  The issue you raise will be investigated by our staff who will confirm what action has been taken.  We also monitor issues that are raised on a regular basis to inform the future development of our Community Engagement strategy.

Other contact details you might find helpful are as follows:

Cornwall Council Environmental Protection – Noise nuisance/disturbance

Tel: 0300 1234212  

Cornwall Council Anti-social behaviour team

Tel: 0300 1234232

Cornwall Council Community safety team

Tel: 0300 1234232

The Safer Cornwall partnership

www.safercornwall(link is external).

Police – Non-emergencies

Tel: 101

Police – Emergencies

Tel: 999

24-hour Fire Safety Advice

Tel: 0800 3581999