Driving and Parking

Penryn Campus car parking

All visitors to Penryn Campus are encouraged to use alternative methods of transport and avoid driving wherever possible. Alternatives include are able to use the U1, U2, U3, U4 and other buses, the Falmouth-Truro branch line which stops at Penryn, cycling and walking.

There are regular bus services (during the academic year) running each hour, please refer to First Bus website for further information and information regarding flexible tickets.  

 Our Car Parking Charter has more information and advice.

If you are a visitor or will only be using our car parks for occasional use we also operate a pay as you leave system. The Penryn Campus operates an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system.

Staff and students may be eligible for a parking permit which will allow regular use of the car parks for an annual fee. You can apply for a permit using our Online Application and Payment Portal.Those who hold parking permits are unfortunately not always guaranteed a space on campus, particularly at busy times.

Information for the academic year 2021/22

Information about the 2021/22 car parking years can be located in our Car Parking Policy 2021/22 – see download links below.

There are currently 1078 car parking spaces at the Penryn Campus. We are unable to increase the number of spaces at this time due to planning consent limitations. However, we are proactively working at medium and longer term solutions for the future, both on and off campus. A Sustainable Travel Liaison Group which includes representatives from Falmouth University, the University of Exeter, The Students’ Union and FX Plus has been established to review any options and to make recommendations for future plans.