Campus Security

FX Plus Campus Security provides security services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Campus Security aims to work with students, staff and visitors to provide a safe and secure residential and working environment in an appropriate and friendly manner.

Contact details:


OrganisationContact NamePhone NumberEmail Address
FX Plus24/7 Emergency Line01326 254444
(4444 internal)
FX PlusCampus Security01326
FX Plus24/7 Emergency Line
(Glasney Lodge Residence )
01326 253503

What we do…

  • Active foot and vehicle patrols and monitoring CCTV systems at Penryn and Falmouth campuses and student halls to ensure the safety and security of campus users.
  • Ensure buildings are secured when not in use and unlocked ready for use.
  • Manage incidents on site, including evacuation of buildings when fire alarms have been activated.
  • Provide security advice to campus users.
  • Patrol car parks to ensure vehicle security and to enforce car parking terms and conditions.
  • Support first aiders during normal office hours and provide first aid cover for the site out of working hours.
  • Provide students with a point of contact for welfare related issues outside normal working hours.

Police Security on Campus

Falmouth University and the University of Exeter works closely with the local police to ensure that the University campuses and surrounding areas are safe for the students.
These are your representatives (Helen Newton and Chris Braddon):

“My name is Helen, and I work for the Devon and Cornwall Police. I am the Neighbourhood Beat Manager for Penryn Town, and so also represent the Police at Falmouth University and the University of Exeter.

I started working with the Police as a Community Support Officer, before joining as a Constable.  I have spent periods of my career in Response Policing, as well as the Criminal Investigation Department (investigating serious and series crime), before diversifying into Community Policing, so there isn’t much that I either haven’t seen or dealt with over the years.

I am assisted in my role by PCSO Chris Braddon, who was a Special Constable before becoming a Community Support Officer, so is highly experienced and approachable.  Chris has the responsibility for much of the day to day engagement with Penryn Campus, and would be very happy to receive contact or assist should you have any Police related concerns. 

By working closely in partnership with the campuses Security staff, I believe we are making a big difference to the safety and security of the students both on and off site.  Over the coming years we hope to implement new initiatives to help improve the safety and security of staff and students at the University as it continues to expand. 

I’m available to provide help and advice on policing and crime issues that affect you personally. My aim is to help create a safe environment for all who live and work within the university and the wider community. My role is to provide a visible presence while patrolling on foot allowing accessibility and approachability in addition to providing crime prevention and personal safety advice throughout the year to help to keep students safe whilst living, studying and working in Falmouth and Penryn.”  

Contact details:

Telephone: 101/999


Alcohol – know when to stop

Police encourage people to keep safe and have a good time.

Former PCSO John Dukes said: “We want everyone to enjoy themselves. Whilst most people drink responsibly, there is a small minority who do not. Alcohol can dramatically change someone’s behaviour which can often result in them doing something they may not do when sober. We are asking people to think about the consequences of excessive drinking before they begin their night out.”

Our advice to people to stay safe includes:

  • Drink responsibly – know when to stop drinking alcohol and drink water regularly during the evening.
  • Always walk away from trouble.
  • Stay in control and prevent one night’s actions leaving you with a criminal record for years to come.
  • Plan how to get home before you go out and pre-book a licensed taxi if you will need one at the end of the evening.
  • Report domestic abuse and seek help and support if you are a victim.