Private Sector Accommodation

Whether it’s finding accommodation, problems with your landlord, checking a contract, deposit issues or council tax, we’re here to help or signpost you to the people who can.

Cornwall Studentpad

The Accommodation Office hosts an online database of student accommodation called Cornwall Studentpad.  We work closely with local landlords and agents to offer listings for a wide range of accommodation from shared houses to lodgings.

Our 2021 listings will are now live.

We have also produced a House Hunting Checklist which you may find useful when searching for and viewing properties. 

Find a Student Housemate Facebook Group

In addition to our database we also run a Facebook group, Find A Student Housemate – Falmouth, Cornwall, to help students who are looking for private sector accommodation get in touch with one another. This might be to form a group with other students, or where an existing group needs another student to fill up a house they are moving into. It can also be used by students who are looking for someone to take over their tenancy.


Please contact Richard Wilkins, our Private Sector Liaison Officer if you have any questions:

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Useful Links

Cornwall Council – Private Sector Housing

Tenancy deposits (GOV.UK)

How to rent (GOV.UK publication)


When should I start looking for private sector accommodation?

Our online listing, Cornwall Student Pad went live on 12th January 2021, so please check this out for available properties. We would recommend that students don’t rush into signing anything. When you do sign a contract with a landlord/agent it is legally binding and they do not have to agree to release you if your circumstances change before you move in. A lot can happen between signing a tenancy agreement and moving in, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. For example, if you decided to study remotely you would still be liable to pay the rent on the accommodation you’d signed a contract for.

Where can I get advice?

Our Private Sector Liaison Officer, Richard Wilkins is available to offer advice, tips and signposting to further help. He can be contacted on the details below:

Phone NumberEmail Address

(The Accommodation Office is currently working from home so only telephone appointments are available at the moment, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).

You can also contact the Student Union’s advice team –

There is some useful advice on our Cornwall Student Pad website –

Are all landlords/agents on Student Pad vetted or approved?

Not as such, although any properties advertised on our Cornwall Student Pad data base need to evidence some safety requirements (gas, electricity etc) and been granted an HMO Licence (House in multiple occupation”) by Cornwall Council if they are required to do so. Also, many landlords and agents are members of Cornwall Council’s Responsible Landlord Scheme.

We would always recommend viewing any property you are interested in (preferably in person, although this may not be possible pending lockdown restrictions) and use our House hunting checklist to ask all the right questions!

I am house hunting on my own, how can I find potential housemates?

We run a Facebook group to help Falmouth University and the University of Exeter students who are looking for private sector accommodation to get in touch with one another. This might be to form a group with other students, or where an existing group needs another student to fill up a house they are moving into.