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Happy IWD 2022!

March 8, 2022

Happy International Women’s Day 2022.

At Falmouth Exeter Plus our female employees go right to the top (Managing Director Paula Sanderson)!

As we celebrate this year’s #breakthebias theme, here are some profiles of the great women working for us in just one of our many teams ….

FX Plus Security Team

The women within the Security Team at FX Plus stand out as a group of employees that collaborate, communicate and cooperate.  They are a powerful story of how a small but dedicated team can achieve great things.

Nat Brown – Head of Security Services.

Nat has a natural ability to extract the best from those within the team whilst providing support, exceptional advice and encouragement. Nat is leading the team through a transformative change producing tangible results, improving services whilst achieving an outstanding contribution to the organisation.

Louise Munn – Security Operations Officer.

Louise is dynamic individual who is working on the restructuring of security projects, processes and policies. Her ability to see things differently, has made a significant impact of the wellbeing of others. Louise’s efforts have made a positive impact to the working environment and culture of the business and its people.

Lois Craze – Security Team Supervisor.

Lois has a long track record of excellence within FX Plus and is particularly effective in taking control of a situation and introducing new ways of working. Lois effectively manages challenges and overcomes barriers when faced with difficulties. Lois seeks out new opportunities and demonstrates a desire to succeed matched by her ambition to turn those ideas into a success.

Misbah Abrahamjee – Security Team Supervisor.

Misbah has shown clear guidance and great strength to her colleagues during this time of crisis and transformation, she consistently shows great enthusiasm and resourcefulness whilst positively responding to the needs of the student and university communities.  Misbah pulls everyone together to propel the business forward whilst embodying the essence of teamwork.

Jess Goulding – Customer Services Manager.

Jess is nominated because of her innovation and customer focus demonstrating consistent support for our students and the universities and FX Plus employees.  Jess can be relied upon to provide a service that can be diversified to meet the changing needs of our community. Her leadership skills motivate a highly competent and efficient team.

Zoe Jenkins – Deputy Night Services Manager.

Zoe is making great strides towards achieving exceptional leadership. She is contributing positively and supporting others through great change and transformation.

About FX Plus

Falmouth Exeter Plus (FX Plus) delivers shared services for Falmouth University and the University of Exeter in Cornwall to ensure a top quality experience for students, staff and all users of Falmouth and Penryn campuses.

Our vision is to provide ‘Exceptional environments that enable talented and creative minds to thrive’.