Waste and Recycling

Our responsibility

We have a legal duty of care to ensure that any waste removed from University Campus premises is stored, transported and disposed of without harming the environment. Anyone disposing of waste on our premises must do the same. You can download our advice and guidance on the legal and operational requirements for waste disposal on campus, use the download links at the bottom of the page.

Reducing our waste

Approximately 36% of waste across campus is recycled, the remaining waste is sent to a nearby incinerator to be converted into energy, none is sent to a landfill. We are therefore committed to reducing our reliance on non-renewable (scarce) resources, and increasing the amount of waste we divert from the incinerator by following the waste hierarchy shown below:

In the day to day management of waste on Campus we aim to:

  • Manage our resources effectively
  • Prevent and minimise waste being produced
  • Increase recycling and re-use
  • Reduce the amount of waste we send to the incinerator

Waste collection and recycling facilities at Penryn Campus

The FX Plus Estates’ Facilities Team collect waste and mixed recyclables from the academic buildings. 
In the student residences, accommodation staff and residents work together to make the most of recycling opportunities.

How to dispose of your waste

We have a dedicated cleaning and recycling team who collect materials that have been left out for recycling in the academic buildings, and can respond to recycling or waste issues. If you have any queries or special requests please contact the Estates and Facilities helpdesk.

Recycling points at Penryn Campus:

  • Outside Gym/Design Centre: Paper/cardboard/general waste/ plastics/ glass/cans
  • Outside The Stannary: Paper/cardboard/ general waste/ plastic/cans
  • Lower Stannary: paper cups/plastic/ salad containers/cans
  • Outside Peter Lanyon: Paper/cardboard/plastic/cans
  • Photography Stores: battery/plastic/glass/cans
  • Battery recycling: Cash machine lobby/Peter Lanyon staff room/SoFT reception/Ground floor SoFT/AMATA corridor behind reception/Design Centre

Larger recycling facilities such as glass bottles and can banks, and a British Heart Foundation General Re-Use Bank for clothes, books and other items are located within Glasney Village
We also collect mixed recycling from the offices around the campus