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Connecting with your local university campuses

As higher education provision in Falmouth and Penryn grows in size and reach we want to do everything we can to increase positive interaction between students, staff and local residents. We’re keen to get involved with our neighbours and encourage everyone to take advantage of the facilities and activities we have available.

To keep you informed and involved, together with Falmouth University, the University of Exeter Cornwall and The Students’ Union, our aim is to share with you what we are doing to:

  • strengthen our relationships in the community and with local businesses
  • address any concerns you might have and involve you in resolving them
  • encourage and support students to engage fully in local life
  • listen, respond, join in, support and make a positive contribution to our local area.

Working with you

Encouraging dialogue between students, staff and the permanent residents of Falmouth, Penryn, Mabe and the surrounding areas We have developed several initiatives to encourage positive dialogue and interaction between students, employees and other pe

Facilities for you

Our Falmouth and Penryn campuses are an important community resource that everyone can enjoy. Our facilities are among the best in the Europe and we are proud of the exceptional learning environment that our students enjoy. But our campuses are not j

Responding to problems

We monitor problems and work hard to manage the impact of student residents in the local community and ensure that our students feel welcome We encourage all our students to be respectful and responsible members of the local community and emphasise t

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Cornwall Campuses Community Charter

These are unprecedented and extraordinary times for our community in Cornwall. The ongoing global challenges mean that we must all continue to work together to support each other, to be mindful of our personal and collective responsibilities and chal