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IT & Digital Services score Compliance Plus in Customer Service Excellence

May 13, 2022

On 24th March, IT & Digital Services had their Customer Service Excellence Standard 12-month review assessment. The team, which manages IT and digital services across our university campuses, not only retained its standard but scored several ‘pluses’.

Gemma Prisk, Falmouth Exeter Plus IT & Digital Service Excellence Manager, said: “IT & Digital Services are committed to providing the highest levels of service and support to all customers and so were extremely pleased to not only score ‘full compliance’ across all 57 elements of the assessment for the second year running, but also to achieve compliance plus scores in the areas of ‘Customer Insight’, ‘Culture of the Organisation’ and ‘Delivery’.”

The Customer Service Excellence Standard is a Government quality standard for customer focused teams and organisations and is based on a rigorous assessment of 57 elements grouped into five criteria. By meeting the standard at the review assessment, IT continue to hold their place in the Customer Service Excellence Standard Directory.

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