Frequently Asked Questions

I’m worried I can’t get hold of my loved one.

There are lots of reasons why students may reduce contact with loved ones whilst at university including a busy study schedule, settling into new friendships, being more involved in clubs and social activities or part-time work alongside study.

You may want to try contacting them by different means – text, WhatsApp, social media, and email may be more likely to get a response than a call.

Contacting them at a different time of day

Asking other close family or friends if they have heard from them.


If you are very concerned, if the lack of contact is very out of character, coincides with a distressing event or a perceived change in their physical or mental health, you are welcome to contact Student Services by completing our Raising a Concern form.

We will listen to your concerns and can suggest some next steps.

If it is an emergency call 999.

We take our duty of care very seriously, but we are also legally obliged to treat our students as independent adults.

This means that, without a student’s consent, we are unable to discuss any aspect of their studies or personal life with you.

We can provide you with general information about support services and processes at the university to reassure you that your loved one has access to support, if required.