Statement of Service for University Partners

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  1. Statement

1. Statement

This statement covers the service offered by FX Plus Student & Library Services to Falmouth University franchise and validation partners. It does not include the Falmouth Flexible courses offered in partnership with CEG.

Relationship with Academic Partnerships Manager (APM)

  1. We will provide a copy of the service statement and a face-to-face overview of the services to all new APMs.

  1. We will provide an annual update to APMs to help them answer enquiries.

  1. We will help APMs to answer enquiries from partners where they fall within the service offer listed below.

Partner quality standards and best practice sharing

  1. We will support Falmouth University during the approval process for new partners by auditing the Student Services and Library Services provided by these partners and making recommendations.

  1. We provide limited best practice advice on areas of professional expertise, on request, via the APM, including:

  • English for Academic Purposes support and assessment

  • Study Skills support
  • Disability support, reasonable adjustments and DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance)
  • SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) support, funding and strategies
  • Digital accessibility and inclusion
  • Library resources, services and suppliers and copyright

  • Student Support (Wellbeing and Living Support)
  • Chaplaincy and pastoral support and faith-related facilities

  1. We are only able to provide advice within UK legislation. Partners based overseas will be subject to alternative legislation and will need to seek advice from elsewhere.

Online Library Access - Franchise Partners

  1. Online Library resources are available to Franchise Partners.  Restrictions apply based on copyright legislation, licences and publisher agreements, and are subject to change without notice.

Services UK based Overseas based
Library Search – access to e-books, journals and other content Yes – limited by agreements Yes – limited by agreements
Streamed video content (BoB and LibPlayer) Yes No

  1. In order to access the services listed in the table above, partner students and staff will be provided with a Falmouth University login, which is managed by FX Plus IT Services.

  1. In order to support Partners to access the above:

  • We will provide information updates regarding major changes to Library resources and systems to the APMs, to forward to relevant staff in the Partner institutions.
  • We will provide self-help materials for students and staff about using our library resources.

  1. Library resources are limited to those which have been purchased by Falmouth University. We do not purchase or provide platforms for library resources on behalf of a Partner.

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Online Library Access - Validation Partners

  1. Validation partners do not have access to online library resources.

Services to teaching staff, researchers and students

  1. We do not provide any support services directly to teaching staff, researchers or students of the Partner institutions beyond those listed above. It is assumed that Partners have a robust infrastructure to support students’ welfare and academic support needs.

  1. Partner institution staff and students may access our self-help materials where these are available on public websites:

  1. Support functions within these websites, or other FX Plus websites, such as 1:1 appointments, email or live chat are not available to students or staff at franchise or validation Partner organisations.