Returners’ Application and Allocation Policy

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  1. Returners’ Application and Allocation Policy 2023/24 

1. Returners’ Application and Allocation Policy 2023/24 


To be eligible to apply for returner accommodation you must be a full-time student continuing your current course for the academic year 2023/24.  

If you intermitted from your studies during your first year you will need to reapply for accommodation as a first-year student.  

Applications will not be considered if accommodation fees for the current year are in arrears or if there is any existing debt for accommodation fees or charges from previous years.  

The Accommodation Office reserves the right to reject applications from students who have caused damage to residential property or have been the subject of any disciplinary action during a period of residency. 

Guarantee of Accommodation  

We do not offer a guarantee of accommodation for returning students. Offers of accommodation will be made subject to availability and in accordance with the allocation process.  

Application Process 

Applications for returners’ accommodation will be will only be open for students who have a medical or welfare requirement to be in halls.  

Applications will open at 12:00pm on Friday 9th February and will close on Friday 23rd February at 5:00pm. Applications must be made via the Room Service application portal.  

You may only apply if you have a medical or welfare condition which affects your accommodation requirements.  

 If you have specific requirements that mean only certain types of accommodation will be suitable e.g. ground floor access, flashing alarm etc, please contact the Accommodation Office as soon as possible so we can discuss options further.  

 You will be required to provide supporting evidence (e.g. a letter from your GP) as part of your application and we will liaise with Student Services to assess your priority for accommodation. We also advise students with specific requirements to provide as much detail as possible to the Notes section of the application form. If we require further information, we will contact you via email. 

Medical evidence should be sent to 

Accommodation options   

These are the accommodation options available to returning students. These are the only residences for returner accommodation, no other residences will be available. We have 70 spaces available in total across these residences and they will be allocated based on individual requirements and availability. 


Residence Room Type
Glasney Student Village, Penryn Campus En-suite, self-catered
The Sidings, Penryn En-suite, Studio En-Suite
Maritime Studios, Falmouth Studio En-Suite


Students who require studio accommodation due to a medical need will need to request one in the Notes section of their application. Please state if your preference is The Sidings or Maritime Studios.  


Accommodation will be given to students with a disability or medical need. We will liaise with Student Services to assess your priority for accommodation. Due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee an offer of accommodation to all students who apply for priority accommodation under disability or health needs.  

Accommodation preferences  

As part of your accommodation application, you will be required to rank all the available accommodation options. While we try to allocate students their preferred choice of accommodation this cannot be guaranteed, we therefore recommend that you list where you would like to live in order of priority. 

On your application you can specify your living preferences such as quiet and single gender. We will endeavour to meet these preferences, but this cannot be guaranteed due to limited availability of rooms.  

You can request to be allocated with your friends. You should list their names in the Notes section of your application. Each of your friends must also submit their own separate application, have the same preferences as you and include your name on their application. Please note that we cannot guarantee we will be able to allocate you and your friends as a group and this will be subject to availability and outcome of your application.  

Offer of accommodation  

Successful applicants can expect an offer of accommodation within 28 days of submitting their application. You will be sent an email with confirmation that you have been offered accommodation. Please follow the instructions in the email on how to view the details of your offer.  

If we are unable to offer you accommodation, we will inform you of the outcome of your application via email.  

Deposits and Guarantors  

A deposit is required to secure the accommodation and accept the offer. If you are currently living in university owned or managed accommodation (Glasney Student Village, Packsaddle Hill or Tuke House) and are offered a place in Glasney Student Village, your deposit will be carried over on to your new contract. However, at the end of your current contract if you have any outstanding payments or charges you will be required to pay these directly with the Finance Office before the start of your new contract. 

All other returning students will be required to pay a new deposit. 

As part of the offer process you will be required to provide details of one guarantor. Once you have accepted your part of the offer your guarantor will then be sent a legally binding agreement which must be signed and returned.  

If you are not able to provide a guarantor, please contact the Accommodation Office. 

Please note the following important information about offers for Glasney Student Village: 

  •  You will have 5 days to accept your offer and pay the £300 deposit. 
  • Check your offer carefully and ensure that you read all the information.  
  • Your guarantor will then have 5 days to accept the guarantor agreement. (Your   offer of accommodation cannot be fully accepted until the guarantor documents    have been returned and confirmed).  
  • If the deadline on your offer is missed, your room offer will be withdrawn and we    may not be able to make you another offer.  

Please note: If you are offered accommodation at The Sidings or Maritime Studios you will not need to accept an offer on Room Service. We will allocate your room and then pass your details to the site’s management company – CRM Students (The Sidings) or Hello Student (Maritime Studios). Your contract will not be with Falmouth Exeter Plus. You will be required to continue your booking using their online system. You will be asked to pay a £150 deposit for The Sidings. Maritime Studios does not require a deposit. You will be required to pay 4 weeks rent in advance, 10 days prior to the start of the contract, for both residences.