Request to Vacate Procedure

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  1. Request to Vacate Procedure 2023/24

1. Request to Vacate Procedure 2023/24

Following acceptance of their accommodation agreement, residents agree to take the accommodation for the full period of the residence as stated in the offer of accommodation. If a resident leaves the accommodation or returns their keys/access cards before the end of the residence period, accommodation fees are still payable until the end of the residence period unless early termination of the accommodation agreement is agreed.   

There are circumstances under the terms and conditions of the accommodation agreement where a resident can request to terminate their agreement early. Any requests to vacate must be in writing and formally agreed by Falmouth Exeter Plus in accordance with this procedure.   

This procedure applies to Falmouth University and University of Exeter students who have entered into an accommodation agreement with Falmouth Exeter Plus at the following residences:  

  • Glasney Student Village  
  • Packsaddle Hill   
  • Tuke House  


  1. Request to Vacate – Withdrawal or Intermittence/Interruption from Studies 

If a resident intends to withdraw, intermit or interrupt from a course of study at the University, they are required to notify staff within the Accommodation Office directly, at the earliest opportunity, that they wish to vacate the accommodation.   

Four weeks’ notice to terminate the accommodation agreement is required. The resident must provide not less than four weeks written notice of their intention to terminate and specifying the End Date. This notice can be given by e-mail or letter.   

A notice period will not apply if the resident withdraws or intermits from university within the first two weeks of the licence period. Rent would be payable for the time the student had the keys to their room during this period. Keys should be signed into Glasney Lodge on vacating the accommodation.  

At all other times of the academic year four weeks’ notice to terminate the accommodation agreement is required. Written notice needs to be given to terminate the contract.   

Upon receipt of the written notice, and subsequent confirmation from the university that the resident has withdrawn or intermitted from their course of study, Falmouth Exeter Plus will grant early release from the accommodation agreement.   

A student will remain responsible and liable for the full accommodation fees until the date that the four-week notice period expires, or until Falmouth Exeter Plus reallocates the room to a new student, whichever is sooner. There is no guarantee that the room can be reallocated.   

If the Accommodation Office is notified by the university that a student is withdrawing or intermitting/interrupting from the University and we have not received written notice from the resident, Falmouth Exeter Plus will serve a notice to quit to the resident to vacate the accommodation within a four week notice period.  

Once the room has been fully vacated and all appropriate keys/access cards etc. Returned, a room inspection will be carried out by the Halls Team and any applicable damage charges passed to the Finance Office. The balance of any deposit will then be processed.  

Any refunds due will only be processed after the room has been fully vacated, the four-week notice period/notice to quit has expired, and it is formally recognised that the student has withdrawn or intermitted from the University.   


2. Early Termination of Accommodation Agreement  

Any resident wishing to terminate their accommodation agreement before the end of the period of residency, while remaining enrolled upon a course of study, must advise staff within the Accommodation Office directly, in writing, of their request to vacate.   

The resident is responsible for nominating a suitable replacement tenant for the room, i.e. a student who is registered on a full-time course of study with Falmouth University or University of Exeter (Penryn Campus) and who is not already a resident in University owned, managed or approved accommodation.    

The responsibility for finding a replacement is with the resident. Falmouth Exeter Plus will provide advice on finding a replacement to take over the accommodation agreement where required. Where a suitable replacement is found, and accepts an offer of accommodation, staff within the Accommodation Office will inform the student wishing to terminate their accommodation agreement. Liability for accommodation fees will end once the accommodation agreement for the new resident commences.   

Where no suitable replacement resident can be found, either by the reasonable endeavours of the resident wishing to terminate, or by the Accommodation Office, the resident wishing to terminate will remain liable for residence fees for the full duration of the fixed licence period of the accommodation agreement.   

Where no suitable replacement can be found, and the resident considers there to be exceptional circumstances that necessitate a termination of the accommodation agreement, the resident should write to the Accommodation Office Manager detailing the request to vacate and including evidence and supporting information e.g. letter from medical professional, supporting letter from Student Services. Examples of exceptional circumstances could include extenuating medical conditions or compassionate grounds (e.g. death of an immediate family member).  

The Accommodation Office Manager will review the evidence and determine whether there are sufficient grounds for an agreed termination of the accommodation agreement.   

If the student does not agree with the outcome, they should make an appeal in writing within 10 working days to the Head of Accommodation Services.  


Vacating the accommodation  

Before moving out of the Accommodation a resident must:  

  • Leave the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition;  
  • Remove all belongings;  
  • Ensure all expected payments to Accommodation Services have been made;  
  • Arrange to leave a forwarding address and divert any mail;  
  • Return keys/fobs or access card to Glasney Lodge Reception, Penryn Campus before 10am on the agreed end date of your accommodation agreement.   

If room keys are not returned or the room is not cleared, rent will be payable until the room has been vacated fully.