Application and Allocation Policy (Falmouth)

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  1. Falmouth University Application and Allocation Policy 2023/24

1. Falmouth University Application and Allocation Policy 2023/24

The Accommodation Office manages the application and offer process for university owned, managed and approved accommodation. Any accommodation guarantees, or priorities, only apply to first year undergraduate applicants securing accommodation from the start of the academic year in September 2023. 

  1. Eligibility 
    1. To be eligible to apply for accommodation you must have firmly accepted a full-time course offer with Falmouth University as your first choice.
    2. You are unable to apply for accommodation if you have not accepted a place to study with Falmouth University, or if it is your insurance choice.
  2. Guarantee of Accommodation
    1. We guarantee an offer of university owned, managed or approved accommodation for all first-year undergraduate students who submit an application by the deadline date of 12th June 2023
    2. If you miss the guarantee deadline you can still apply; however, we are unable to guarantee you will receive an offer of accommodation.  

  1. Accommodation Options

Residence Room Type Capacity 
Glasney Student Village, Penryn Campus En-suite, self-catered/catered
Shared Studybed en-suite self- catered/catered
586 (bed spaces)
The Sidings, Penryn Standard en-suite
Medium en-suite
Large en-suite
Packsaddle Hill, Penryn Standard en-suite
Medium en-suite
Large en-suite Studio (Small 1, Standard 8, Medium 4 and Large 1)
Tuke House, Falmouth Single en-suite 136
Carrick View, Falmouth Standard en-suite Restricted View
Medium en-suite Restricted View
Standard en-suite
Medium en-suite
Large en-suite
Standard en-suite Superior View
Medium en-suite Superior View
Large en-suite Superior View
Maritime Studios, Falmouth 1. Classic studio

2. Premium studio

3. One bed flat

The Quarry, Falmouth
  • Standard en-suite
  • Premium en–suite

    1. Room types with a limited number of rooms available are not listed as an option on the application and will be allocated to students with a medical or welfare requirement.  
    2. If additional single occupancy rooms become available at a later stage during the application process, they will be offered to students with medical requirements who have made a successful appeal, or students who have accepted an offer of a shared room.
    3. Application Process
      1. Applications for accommodation open from 12:00pm on Tuesday 28th March 2023 through our online booking system, Room Service. We cannot accept applications by phone or e-mail.
      2. Applicants who hold either a conditional firm or unconditional firm place with Falmouth University can apply from this date. This includes applicants who have deferred from a previous year. 
      3. You do not need to apply on the date applications open. The date and time of the application is not considered as part of the allocation process if you apply within the ballot period (see point 5).
      4. You are required to submit the application yourself as there is important information you need to read and to ensure that your accommodation and living preferences are correct as they cannot be changed once an application is submitted.  
      5. As part of your accommodation application, you will be required to rank all 7 accommodation options in order of preference. Each room type listed counts as an option. Ensure that you list where you would like to live in order of preference as we will work through your options in order. 
      6. Due to demand we expect that some options will receive more applications than there are spaces available. During the ballot period all accommodation options will be available to apply for, so everyone has a fair chance to select their preferred accommodation. After the ballot deadline we will remove any accommodation options that have been fully booked.
      7. A proportion of flats at each of our residences are allocated as ‘quiet’ or ‘single gender’, and these living preferences can be selected on your application form. We are unable to guarantee these preferences.
      8. Students with a disability or health condition
        1. If you have a disability or health condition that requires special consideration or adjustment with regards to the provision of accommodation, you must make the Accommodation Office aware of your needs at the point of application. The application process will forward applicants to complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which gives students the opportunity to disclose any disability, neurodiversity, medical/mental health condition or welfare related circumstance relevant to your accommodation needs. You will be required to provide supporting medical evidence and we will liaise with Student Services to review your accommodation allocation.   
        2. We endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to support individuals who, due to a disability, a long-term medical condition or sensory or physical impairment require adapted accommodation. We are unable to guarantee we can offer suitable accommodation as this is subject to availability.
      9. Postgraduate Students
        1. Applications will only be accepted from International postgraduate students, accommodation is not guaranteed and will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
        2. We are unable to accept any applications from UK postgraduate students.
      10. Care Leavers and Estranged Students
        1. We guarantee an offer of accommodation for a period of up to 52 weeks. Your initial allocation will be for a period of residence of 40 weeks. For the summer period you will need to enter into a new agreement and will be required to move rooms. We can only offer summer accommodation at a residence which will be confirmed later in the year.
      11. Under 18s
        1. Students under the age of 18 will apply for accommodation on Room Service in the same way as all other students.
        2. If you are under the age of 18 on 1 September for the year they are joining, the University will require the applicant’s parent or guardian to sign the Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Form, where they are accepting an offer of accommodation.
        3. Where a student is an international student and their parents remain overseas, the details of a guardian who is based in the UK are required.
        4. If you will be under the age of 18 when your accommodation agreement is due to start, you will only be offered accommodation at Glasney Student Village, Penryn Campus. This accommodation is located close to Glasney Lodge, ensuring support is always close by. You can choose either a self-catered or catered contract.
        5. At the time you turn 18 you may request to move elsewhere within Glasney Student Village or to another residence if preferred, dependent on availability. You will be required to enter into a new accommodation agreement if the room type is different.
        6. We aim to allocate students under the age of 18 with students the same age. However, where this is not possible, students aged 18 or over may also be allocated to the same accommodation.
        7. Notwithstanding the need for a parent/ guardian, the University will correspond with students, and not with parents or guardians, unless the University receives express written permission from the student or there is a medical, criminal or similar emergency.
  1. Allocations
    1. Applications submitted between 12:00pm on Tuesday 28th March and 5:00pm on Monday 12th June will be processed through a ballot. After the ballot deadline has passed Room Service will randomly generate the order in which applications received during the ballot are allocated. We will allocate you to your highest possible available preference at the time of allocation based on your ballot position. Rooms are not allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is not given to the date and time of application if you apply during the ballot period.
    2. Applications submitted after 5:00pm on Monday 12th June will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis for all remaining accommodation options.
    3. You will be allocated to one of your accommodation preferences. Availability will depend on the popularity of accommodation options and the number of applicants.
    4. We allocate rooms based on:
      1. Room type preference
      2. Availability – if your first preference is not available you will be allocated the next available preference on your application 
      3. University – some students will be allocated to residences where the flats contain a mix of students from both the University of Exeter and Falmouth University 
      4. Student type  
      5. Course – we aim to allocate students on different courses in flats where possible 
      6. Age – we aim to allocate mature students together where possible 
      7. Living preferences  
      8. Medical requirements 
    5. We are unable to guarantee that your allocation will meet all your living preferences or additional preferences but endeavour to allocate based on your application preferences.
    6. If you are allocated to a residence which has an advertised price range rather than a specific room type, for example; Carrick View from £160 – £206, you will be allocated to a room type within that price range.
    7. We have a limited number of International Postgraduate spaces at The Quarry. Postgraduate students will be allocated based on the date and time of their application. Wherever possible you will be allocated to a flat that is reserved for postgraduate and mature students. We reserve the right to allocate Postgraduate students to any available room in any hall of residence if required; however, every endeavour will be made to allocate Postgraduate students together. 
    8. We do not allocate friends in the same flat but may consider allocating friends in a shared room together. You will need to contact the Accommodation Office after submitting your application. The second student will also need to contact the Accommodation Office to confirm the request. We will only allocate people of the same gender and similar age together in a shared room.
    9. We currently do not offer accommodation for couples or families and cannot allocate couples together in a shared room or flat. 
    10. You will receive confirmation of your room allocation when you collect your keys on arrival. We are unable to confirm this when you receive your offer of accommodation as it may change. The room type you have been allocated will be detailed on your room offer.
  2. Offer of Accommodation
    1. An offer of accommodation will be made within 28 days of the ballot deadline. Offers will be sent out in batches and in no particular order.
    2. If you apply after 5:00pm on 12th June, your application will be processed within 6 weeks of the date we receive your application. Offers will be sent out in batches and in no particular order within the time frame.
    3. You must accept the offer of accommodation yourself and not have someone do this on your behalf as you are agreeing to a legally binding contract.
    4. Any pre-existing medical condition disclosed after the allocation has taken place may not be considered. If the offer of accommodation made is not suitable because we were not aware of requirements, we cannot guarantee an alternative offer can be made. If any new medical condition occurs after the allocation has taken place applicants should contact the Accommodation Office as soon as possible to discuss options.
    5. If you reject an offer of accommodation, an alternative offer will not be made. A new application can be submitted, but we cannot guarantee a new offer as this will be subject to availability.  
    6. When an offer of accommodation is made an email will be sent to the applicant with details of how to view and accept the offer.
    7. Accepting your offer – Glasney Student Village, Tuke House and Packsaddle Hill
      1. As part of accepting the offer you will be required to confirm that you agree to the terms of the accommodation agreement and pay a £300 security deposit. Under the agreement you are required to provide details of a nominated person who may be contacted if your account falls into arrears. Once you have accepted your offer your accommodation is fully confirmed. If you are not able to provide a nominated person, please contact the Accommodation Office.
      2. You will have 5 days to accept your offer on Room Service and pay the £300 security deposit. Check your offer carefully and ensure that you read all the information before accepting the agreement.
    8. If you miss the deadline your room offer will be withdrawn, and you will need to submit a new application if you still require accommodation. We cannot guarantee a new offer as this will be subject to availability.
  3. University Approved Accommodation – The Sidings, Carrick View, The Quarry,  and Maritime Studios
    1. If you are offered accommodation at The Sidings, Carrick View, The Quarry or Maritime Studios the above offer process does not apply to you as you will not accept your offer on Room Service. We will allocate your room and pass the details on your application to the company that manages the site you have been allocated to – CRM Students for The Sidings, Carrick View and The Quarry. Hello Student for Maritime Studios. You will receive an email from the Accommodation Office confirming your allocation and this will provide you details of how to complete your booking. 
    2. Your accommodation agreement will not be with Falmouth Exeter Plus. You will be required to accept the contract using their online system and will be asked to pay a deposit where applicable for the residence. You will be required to pay four weeks rent in advance prior to the start of the contract.