You can now find out how climate-friendly your meal is. In partnership with climate experts Klimato our Campus chefs calculate the carbon footprint of each meal served and are proud to introduce climate-labelled menus to inspire and guide you to climate-friendly eating.

Our Stannary dishes are presented with a climate label showing their emissions in kg greenhouse gases as well as an indication of whether the meal has a low, medium or high climate impact.

Low carbon label

Low 0.1-0.5kg CO2e: Choose meals with a low climate impact to eat to reduce food emissions in line with the United Nations sustainability goals.

Medium carbon label

Medium 0.6-1.5kg CO2e: Meals with a medium climate impact have a carbon footprint comparable to the average lunch or dinner.

High carbon label

High 1.6+ kg CO2e: Meals labelled as high have a higher climate impact than the average meal.

An average lunch or dinner has a carbon footprint of 1.7kg CO2e. To eat as climate-friendly as possible, choose dishes with a lower CO2e number.

Learn more about this campus initiative (link to news article) and visit www.klimato.co for further information about the data and calculations behind the climate labels