Frequently Asked Questions

Will you speak to me about my loved one?

We take our duty of care very seriously, but we are also legally obliged to treat our students as independent adults.

This means that, without a student’s consent, we are unable to discuss any aspect of their studies or personal life with you.

We can provide you with general information about support services and processes at the University to reassure you that your loved one has access to support, if required.

Information on support services is available at


We recognise the stress parents and supporters might be experiencing so to reassure you, we’ll do things like:

  • Encourage students to talk to their family and let them know they are safe and well.
  • If they don’t want to do this, we will encourage them to talk to their GP or our own Support Services, to get support with whatever might be troubling them
  • Our Services ask students about their support network and encourage them to reach out, and we may ask the student if we can contact their parent or supporter on their behalf.
  • We encourage parents and supporters to contact the police if they have a reason to believe their loved one might be in danger or missing.


You can access our Raising Concerns about a Student Form here.