How do I appeal my results? (Falmouth)

It is important to understand the difference between an appeal and a complaint, as they are treated separately by the University with different procedures that students are required to follow in each case. If a student is unsure about whether to lodge an appeal or a complaint, they should seek advice from either the Students’ Union or Quality Assurance & Enhancement. 

If a student is dissatisfied with the assessment process and/or a decision reached by a formal assessment on their academic work, and/or a decision about them reached through the application of a University policy, procedure or regulation, they should lodge an appeal. Students should follow the formal procedure which is detailed in the Appeals Policy and Appeals Procedure which can be found here:

Occasionally students may have a specific concern or express a level of dissatisfaction about which they want to make a complaint. Students are encouraged to raise any issues as soon as possible with the person responsible and be reasonable and open minded in trying to resolve issues. Every effort should be made to facilitate early resolution, and in many cases problems or misunderstandings can be resolved quickly and effectively at an informal level through discussion between staff and students or through student representation on Student-Staff Liaison Groups. However in other instances students may wish to pursue the matter in a more formal way, should they have exhausted informal routes or consider the issue to be of a more serious nature. 

The Complaints Policy and Complaints Procedure can be found here:

Further advice can be sought from either the Students’ Union or Quality Assurance & Enhancement 

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