Support for Student’s Based Overseas

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Table of Contents

  1. Statement

1. Statement

Services are limited for students who are not physically in the UK (United Kingdom) at the time of accessing our services, both due to legislation and licences outside FX Plus’s control and also other factors such as incomplete local knowledge and limits of control and/or competence.

  1. Where there is a difference between the services available to students in the UK and to those outside of it, this is noted in the Services We Offer section of this Statement of Service.

  1. All UK higher education providers (HEPs) are governed by UK law. Students living abroad are subject to laws in force in their locality. These legislative differences can fundamentally affect the delivery of support.

  1. It is not feasible, for example, for Student & Library Services staff to maintain up-to-date knowledge of specific laws governing the delivery of support in all countries. In addition, the ability of Student & Library Services staff to manage their duty of care in delivering support (for example in providing reasonable care regarding the circumstances in which the support is received, or in relation to managing urgent referral to non-University healthcare services locally in response to an identified risk of harm) is significantly reduced where the support is delivered online and not in the UK. In some circumstances, this can affect the safety of the support intervention provided.

  1. In addition, insurance cover may be inadequate or affected by delivering support outside the UK.

  1. Student & Library Services support is undertaken in accordance with UK law and any disputes will be subject to UK law.

  1. Some licences to online library resources do not permit access outside of the UK, this is the case for all off-air recordings covered by the ERA licence.