Accommodation Cancellation Policy

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  1. Link to 2023/24 document
  2. Falmouth Exeter Plus Accommodation Cancellation Policy 2024/25
  3. Our cancellation policy 

1. Link to 2023/24 document

Follow this link for the 2023/24 version of this document

2. Falmouth Exeter Plus Accommodation Cancellation Policy 2024/25

The name of your landlord is Falmouth Exeter Plus. 

Address: Falmouth Exeter Plus, Penryn Campus, Treliever Road, Penryn, TR10 9FE 

Telephone: 01326 253639 



The services which we will be supplying to you are a furnished study bedroom. Details of the tenancy licence period and whether the accommodation is on a self-catered or catered basis, en-suite, shared or single occupancy, together with details of the utilities and services included, are set out on the accommodation website ( and in your accommodation agreement. 

The price of the accommodation is specified in your offer and is also set out on the accommodation website ( This price includes all charges for utilities (unless stated otherwise on the website).  

The arrangements for payment are set out in the accommodation agreement and the Accommodation Fees Payment and Debt Recovery Procedures document but, in summary, you make a legally binding commitment to pay the licence fee for the full period of your contract. 

Payment is made by 3 advance instalments. The exact amount due each term is shown in your accommodation offer. Details of your accommodation finance account can be obtained by request to 

Your deposit is not offset against your first instalment of rent. The deposit will be held until the end of the year as security against any breaches of your accommodation agreement or unpaid licence fees. It will be returned to you at the end of the period of residence (after making any incurred deductions). 

We will provide you with accommodation for the weeks stated in the offer of accommodation. Please check the offer to make sure you are aware of the exact dates before you make a commitment. 

The offer of accommodation and the price will remain valid until the deadline stated in your offer of accommodation, but after that date the offer of accommodation will be withdrawn if you have not accepted it.  

The minimum duration of the contract is for the period of residence. You can only terminate the accommodation agreement by complying with the process set out in the accommodation agreement and Request to Vacate Procedure. Failure to terminate in accordance with the accommodation agreement and Request to Vacate Procedure means that you will remain liable to comply with the obligations, including payment of the accommodation fees.  

If we have offered you a place in named accommodation we will, of course, aim to locate you there. However, we do not guarantee that the accommodation will be available in all cases. Please see the accommodation agreement for terms relating to alternative accommodation.  

3. Our cancellation policy 

Our cancellation policy 

Should you wish to cancel your contract, you need to advise us in writing (by email or post to the address given above) within fourteen days, beginning the day after the date the agreement becomes binding. This is the date when you accepted your accommodation agreement, and it has been confirmed by Falmouth Exeter Plus. Students will receive a dated email of confirmation, which will be considered as the date at which the contract becomes binding.  

The security deposit would be refunded in full if your contract is cancelled at this stage.  

If you fail to notify us within the fourteen-day period, you can only terminate the accommodation agreement in accordance with the procedure set out in the accommodation agreement.  

You are not able to cancel once we have started to provide the accommodation to you: after commencement of the accommodation agreement, it is too late to cancel. You can only terminate the accommodation agreement in accordance with the procedure set out in the accommodation agreement on the following condition: 

  • If you fail to move into the Accommodation on the arrival date notified to you and have not contacted us within 7 days of that date to arrange a later arrival, we may terminate this Agreement on written notice with immediate effect. In these circumstances, you will not be entitled to a refund of the Licence Fee that relates to the period prior to the termination. 


Nominated Residences (The Sidings, Armyn House, The View, Maritime Studios, The Quarry) 

Please note: Information regarding our NOMINATED residences, The Sidings, Armyn House, The View Maritime Studios and The Quarry will vary from the above and if you are allocated to this residence, you should refer to the terms and conditions issued for that residence. If you are allocated to one of the above residences, then your tenancy agreement will be with the site operators (CRM Students, Campbell Property or Hello Student) and not FX Plus.