Children at Little Wonders Nursery looking at water and wildlife

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Little Wonders Wild Challenge

March 12, 2021

The Little Wonders Nursery team at Penryn Campus has joined the RSPB Wild Challenge.

So far the staff have helped the children to make a frog-friendly habitat for some resident frogs; dig a hole for a small pond and plant some Starwort to oxygenate the water; recycle some old wooden cot sides to make a fence to protect the habitat and plant some wildflower seeds to create a butterfly garden.

Rosie Hillier, Day Nursery Nurse Little Wonders, said: “The challenge has given us lots of ides to educate our children in ways to make our garden more wildlife friendly.

“We found a particularly large frog hiding under a pallet so we asked the children to come up with some names for the frogs. Our favourite is ‘Susan’, so we are thinking of naming the frog area ‘Susan’s spot’.

“The children have also prepared a ‘wildlife tracker’ to put out in the garden. It consists of a tray of sand with a bowl of food in the centre and we are hoping to see the prints of any animals that come to eat it. The children have discussed what animals we might get… Frogs, Hedgehogs, Cats, Owls or wolves…!”

To read more about the RSPB Wild Challenge, click this link.

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