How do I get to the local supermarket?

To get to ASDA you can walk from the Penryn Campus via the Penryn Industrial estate which is roughly 15 mins walk. There is also a free ASDA bus which runs every Monday and Thursday – please see FAQ ‘When are the free buses to ASDA?’ 

To get to Lidl or Sainsbury’s you can walk from Penryn campus which is 30-45mins. You can also use the U1/U2 bus service route which stops just outside Lidl and Sainsbury’s. 

If you are based in Falmouth, the nearest supermarkets are Tesco’s situated near The Moor, and a Tesco’s Metro at Maritime Events Square. You can also catch the U1/U2 bus service route which both have bus stops just outside of Lidl or Sainsbury’s supermarket.