Outside Space and Filming Requests

Outside Space Bookings and Photography/Filming Requests on the Penryn Campus

As a shared campus, it is important that we ensure that all event activity on the Penryn Campus is co-ordinated and communicated effectively to minimise disruption to all campus users. This includes any activities that will take place in an outside area to ensure that it does not conflict with other activities such as Open Day, exams etc. and also complies with licensing regulations.

Booking an outside space

(Please note we cannot guarantee your event will be approved if we have fewer than 3 working days notice)

All requests for booking of outside space should be made through the Campus and Commercial Events Team, making it easier for our customers to have just one point of contact for all requests and must be made using the Outside Space Booking Form, which can be found at the bottom of this page. This form must be completed in full and sent to the Campus & Commercial Events (C&CE) Team at generalenquiries@fxplus.ac.uk

On receipt of the booking form, the C&CE Team will request authorisation from the following Directors before confirming your request:

  • Head of Estates, Falmouth University
  • Head of Academic & Support Unit, Exeter University
  • Director of Estates, Falmouth Exeter Plus
  • Head Groundsperson, Falmouth Exeter Plus
  • SU Chief Executive Officer
  • Head of Communications

You will be responsible for providing, and adhering to, a Risk Assessment Form and approval for your event may be withheld if a Risk Assessment is not submitted.

Indoor & outdoor photography and filming requests

All requests for filming or photography taking place either inside a campus building or in an outdooor space should be submitted on the form at the bottom of this page.   You are also responsible for ensuring that permission has been sought from anyone appearing in your video/photographs and the Model permission form can also be found at the bottom of this page.

NB. You do not need to request permission if you are filming in a classroom as part of a curriculum based activity eg. SOFT or School of Photography.

If you would like to discuss your booking requirements in more detail, please contact the Conference & Events Team at: generalenquiries@fxplus.ac.uk

Alternatively, please call us on: 01326 370428 (X1428)