Making A Study Space Booking Using The Planon Browser

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Accessing Planon Via Browser:

Step 1

  • Visit:
  • Click your appropriate University Logo
  • You will automatically be signed in via your University Email Single-Sign-On (SSO) user account

  • You will have a variety of options on your Planon Homepage including the ability to Log a Fault or Request a Service & Book A Space

Booking A Study Space:

Step 1

  • When booking a space, the fields will pre-populate with your details based on your user account. If booking on behalf of somebody else, start typing their name, & select them from the drop down options

Step 2

  • Select Date/Time of Booking
  • Select Building, Area &/or specific study space
  • Select Facilities (if required)
  • Click: Search
  • Select Space from the graphical View
  • Click to Confirm Booking

Step 3

  • You will have the option to review, cancel or edit the booking
  • Or Click: OK, Close