Accessing Planon

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Downloading The Planon App:

Step 1

  • Download the Planon Live App
Apple App Store Download Button
Google Play Store Download Button

  • Get/Install the App
  • Openthe App

Step 2

  • When first logging into the App, type: into the ‘Environment’ field
  • This provides access to the Helpdesk Portal via your single-sign-on (SSO) university email account

Step 3

  • Click: ‘Falmouth University & FX Plus’ or ‘University of Exeter’ on Log in page (whichever is relevant)
  • Note: You do not need to enter your username/email or password, or click ‘Log In’ -you will automatically proceed to sign in via your single-sign-on account, entering your details on the next page

Step 4

  • Sign in to the App (using single-sign-on), by entering: Your University Email Address and Password
  • Note: When first logging in to the App, you may be asked to approve the sign-in request via the Microsoft Authenticator App

Accessing Planon Via Browser:

Step 1

  • You are able to access Planon in your browser by visiting:
  • Click the ‘Falmouth University’ or the ‘University of Exeter’ logo (whichever is relevant)
  • Note: You will now automatically be signed in via your university single-sign-on account