Plant Partnership Launches

Signs advertising a plant giveaway in the walled garden

The FX Plus grounds team has partnered with Rocket Gardens, a Gweek-based mail order company supplying plug plants of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

The partnership will lower waste, help other organisations and also means some free plants will be available for anyone who wants them.

Alasdair Garnett, FX Plus Groundsperson, said: “We will be collecting surplus plants that would otherwise be heading for the compost heap, using some in our veg beds in the Walled Garden, sharing some with the chaplains for their veg garden in Belmont Gardens, on Falmouth Campus, and finding homes for the rest.

“Local community growing groups, including Incredible Edible Penryn and the Falmouth Food Coop, will be coming to collect a share of the plants, some will be taken to local plant swap/giveaway stalls, some can be shared with the Green Living Society, and plants will be also available for any campus visitors to help themselves. 

“This is likely to be a regular thing, with the nursery letting us know whenever they have a surplus.”

The first plant giveaway has now started, at Penryn Campus Walled Garden (along the top path near the benches). If you want plants please bring your own containers (trays, bags, pots etc) because the trays they are in need to be returned to the grower.

This week’s (W/C 12 July) plants include swiss chard, beetroot, lettuce, perpetual spinach and chicory with more to be added.

Al added: “Planting the plugs is easy. Just make a small hole in the earth with your hands, a trowel or the traditional dibber (usually a broken fork handle with a point carved on the end), pop the plug in and firm it down.”

More tips can be found on the Rocket Gardens website.

Future plant giveaways will also take place at Falmouth Campus.