Pack for Good and Help Save Lives

We’re supporting the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Pack for Good campaign which means you can get rid of unwanted household items while helping to save lives, support sustainability and raise money for a charity.

Pack for Good targets students who are moving out, encouraging them to donate unwanted items including books, household goods and clothes. University, FX Plus and Students’ Union staff are also invited to donate.

Collection points are around student accommodation areas, on and off campus, including a main point at Glasney Lodge Reception. Staff and students can also pick up their own collection bags from Glasney Lodge Reception.

FX Plus has been supporting Pack for Good since 2015 meaning that tonnes of unwanted items have been diverted from landfill or an incinerator and thousands of pounds has been raised for the BHF.

BHF estimates that:

• 10 bags could nurse a broken heart by funding a full day’s BHF Heart Nursing care. In this time, a Heart Nurse could care for up to six patients to help them manage their condition and prevent further hospital re-admissions.

• 100 bags could help find a cure by funding one of our young scientists for seven days. We currently provide the salaries for around 500 post-doctoral scientists who work in research team’s right across the UK on projects to better understand how to diagnose, prevent, treat and cure heart disease.

• 1000 bags could Help 40 young heart patients to gain independence, new skills and confidence whilst meeting other young heart patients.

As well as the BHF collection, the FX Plus team ensures that food items left in student accommodation are donated to local food banks.