What kind of support does the Multifaith Chaplaincy offer?

Pastoral Care

We are not trained counsellors and the pastoral care we offer is not professional counselling. However, we are interested in journeys through life and will therefore listen attentively to whatever it is you want to share.

We will listen respectfully no matter what path you find yourself on. We believe that every individual has an inherent dignity – or put another way, that each of us is essentially good. This means that we welcome our encounters with other people knowing that we might learn as much from you as you might from us.

We know that life is full of beginnings and endings, sad times and happy times, joys and challenges and that sometimes we need company and a listening ear. After listening we may suggest to you other student support services.

Spiritual Care

We are a place of support for your spiritual journey, offering sacred space, companionship and conversation no matter what your starting place is and whether or not you consider yourself to be ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’.

We also offer specific support for religious needs – finding people and practical resources to enable you to practice your faith on and off campus. We have close connections with the Cornwall Faith Forum who help us to link students and staff with smaller faith communities that have a less visible presence on campus.

We also offer support for anybody finding it difficult to be a person of faith and advocate on your behalf when necessary.