I want to transfer courses – what do I do?

You can transfer from one course to another during the first 2 years of your course, within the first four weeks of each study block. You must be in good academic standing i.e. You must have enough credits to transfer and have completed all module work. You need to get the agreement of the Course Co-ordinators if the transfer is within the same subject, and by the Heads of Subject if moving to a different department. Late changes, or transfers between departments, must be approved by Directors of departments. 

You must complete a transfer application on My Falmouth in the Making a Change to Your Studies area. 

Module Registration 

In March of each year, students are required to register any optional module choices for their next stage of study. Please follow the link for further instructions: https://sp2013.falmouth.ac.uk/public/stuadmin/SitePages/Module%20Registration.aspx 

For further details about transferring course within the University of Exeter please contact your course administrator or the Info Point Team by email to info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk. You can also visit the Info Point Team in person at the Info Point in the Peter Lanyon Building open from Monday to Friday, 8.45am until 5pm. Transferring to another institution. You will need to withdraw from the University and complete an online withdrawal form. The form is available SID Online if you are not on campus, or a College administrator can go through the form with you in person or over the phone. Please contact the Student Services desk for information about how you access the form.