I am struggling with my mental health, what support is available?

There’s lots of support available, if you think you might need some help – don’t hesitate to ask. 
Our on-campus Wellbeing Service offers two main types of support, counselling and mental health. 
Our Counsellors offer confidential support for students experiencing difficulties with their psychological or emotional wellbeing. They’re qualified practitioners who aim to help you cope more effectively with any personal and/or emotional difficulties that may arise during your time at University. 
Our Mental Health team provide expert advice and support on a range of mental health difficulties. Team members are registered mental health professionals, who can help you consider their needs and support options, and provide advice and guidance. 
Get in touch with us to discuss support if: 
•    You have a mental health difficulty that has lasted for a year or is likely to last for a year (e.g. anxiety disorders such as panic, social anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder; eating difficulties; depression; bipolar disorder; personality disorders; psychoses). 
•    You have a mental health difficulty and are taking prescribed medication 
•    You are experiencing difficulties with your psychological or emotional wellbeing which is impacting your ability to study and cope at University 
If you feel that the Wellbeing Service is right for you, complete our Wellbeing Appointment Form on Compass Online, you’ll need your university username and password. For guidance on how to access the form, please visit: https://fxplus.ac.uk/faq/how-do-i-access-wellbeing-support/ . 
A member of our team will be in touch within three working days (or longer during peak times) to discuss options for your support, based on your current concerns. 
You can also email studentservices@fxplus.ac.uk or call Student Services on 01326 370460. 
If your concerns need more immediate attention, visit: https://fxplus.ac.uk/student-support/need-help-now/
If you just need a safe space to talk, we also have a service called ‘Time to Talk’. It’s for those who don’t need specialist support, but might have homesickness, experienced a relationship break up, have problems with housemates or are feeling stressed with course work or exams. You can book a Time to Talk session by visiting: https://fxplus.ac.uk/compass/time-to-talk/.