Step 2 – What You Need To Know

Key Dates

You can create an account on Room Service from Tuesday 15th March 2023, this is registration only, you cannot apply at this stage.

Applications will open on Monday 3rd April 2023 at 12pm. From this date you will be able to log into Room Service and make your accommodation application.  

The accommodation guarantee ends on Sunday 31st July 2023

Ballot Applications Open: 3rd April – 31st July

Applications received during this period are allocated at random. You can expect to receive an offer of accommodation mid to late summer. A place in university owned, managed or approved residences is guaranteed.

Guarantee Ends: 31st July

Accommodation is allocated on a first come, first served basis based on availability. Accommodation is not guaranteed.

How do I apply?

You must have firmly accepted your place to study with the University of Exeter.  

You can then create an account in Room Service using the student ID that you have received from the university. 

Within Room Service, select your accommodation in order of preference. You will need to select 3 options to be able to submit your application.

You can specify additional preferences such as quiet, or single gender. We try to accommodate these requests however we cannot guarantee them. 

Once you have applied, you cannot make any changes so please ensure you are happy with your selection.  

What’s a ballot?

So we can be sure applications are processed fairly we use a ballot. This makes all applications anonymous, then randomises them, before giving everyone a ballot position. This position then determines the order applications are allocated their preferences.

How will I be allocated?

Once you have a ballot position, you will be given the highest possible preference available at that point. For example, if your first choice is not available, we will look at your second choice and so on until we can allocate you to a room. An offer of accommodation is guaranteed through until the guarantee deadline.

Offers of accommodation will be sent out periodically throughout the Summer. Offers sent to students holding a conditional course offer will be subject to the course requirements being met. If the course requirements are not met the accommodation offer will be automatically withdrawn and the deposit refunded.  

You will receive an offer within 28 days of the ballot closing, via the email you registered with Room Service. Please remember to check your junk/spam folders. 


If you have a disability or health condition that requires special consideration or adjustment with regards to the provision of accommodation, please ensure that you complete the ‘Accessibility Questionnaire’ at the end of the application. You will be required to provide supporting medical evidence to the Accessibility Team to support your condition and request. The Accessibility Team will review your case to ensure you have support in place where necessary and liaise with the Accommodation Team regarding any accommodation needs that they have approved. If you do not complete the questionnaire and provide evidence, we will be unaware of your needs and unable to consider any requirements you may have.

Spaces Available (2023/24)

ResidenceSpaces AvailableRoom TypeWeekly Rent
Glasney Student Village704En-suite£173.81 (£226.73) catered)
Glasney Student Village20Shared studybed en- suite£130.41 (£183.40 catered)
The Sidings106Standard en-suite£172.63
The Sidings5Medium en-suite£173.88
The Sidings2Large en-suite£176.55
The Sidings3Studio Plus£188.30
The Sidings1Studio£203.98
Tuke House20Single en-suite£155.61