Supplier Profile: Alliance

Alliance is one of the leading suppliers of non-food catering equipment and catering disposables in the UK. 

Over the last few years, the company has worked with FX Plus to procure sustainable and ethical cleaning products and items. 

This includes a cleaning product dosing system, mops which are washable for reuse and recycled mop buckets.  

All dosing system products have a ‘WEIR’ (Wright Environmental Impact Rating) rating that measure the raw materials used, the risk of release to the environment, the environmental hazard classification, the impact of water used in product, the impact of usage, the pH, and the impact of energy used to prepare & manufacture a finished product. Beyond this, the super-concentrated nature of products and the volumes in which they are provided, mean that we (FX Plus) expect a reduction of 3,000 plastic bottles per year, alongside a reduction in shipping and associated emissions. 

Alliance also introduced FX Plus to a company (SYR) which provides the recycled buckets and the option to return those buckets when they are worn out, as well as other polypropylene plastics. These then get repurposed back into the buckets and other cleaning products. 

Alliance has a significant commitment to the environment. An Alliance spokesperson said: “As a responsible national distributor, we recognise the impact of our operations on the local and global environment. We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance throughout the Alliance business in accordance with both environmental legislation and our own objectives.” 


  • Alliance sources products from UK manufacturers where possible to ensure products are made to recognised ecological standards and have a low carbon footprint. 
  • Energy consumption is reduced by using energy efficient lighting, fully insulated buildings and no air conditioning systems. 
  • Electronic methods of communication and invoicing are used where possible to reduce paper consumption. 


  • The Alliance fleet of delivery vehicles use computerised routing systems to optimise delivery routes and reduce fuel usage. 
  • Up to date engine management systems, and vehicle regulators optimise fuel consumption and minimise emissions. 
  • All Alliance vans and company-owned vehicles are serviced regularly and are depreciated in line with their environmental life span. 
  • By consolidating deliveries to branches and customers, fuel consumption can be optimised, saving on unnecessary emissions. 


  • Products are sourced from UK manufacturers where possible to ensure they are produced to recognised ecological standards and have a low carbon footprint. 
  • Audits of all new suppliers are performed to verify that their products comply with all environmental legislation. 
  • Alliance works with supplier partners to identify ways to minimise packaging, consolidate collection and delivery of stock orders and to actively promote sustainable products. The Alliance ‘Aware’ range helps customers to select products with the lowest environmental impact. 
  • Biodegradable products are offered which use raw materials from renewable resources. 


  • A culture of environmental responsibility is promoted throughout the Alliance business and there is a dedicated Environmental Champion at Head Office to educate, promote and monitor environmental initiatives to all employees.
  • The company Intranet also allows employees to access all environmental policies, targets and achievements, helping to reinforce the role of every individual in achieving environmental targets.