Ownership and Decision Making

Ownership and charitable status

We are the service delivery partner of the University of Exeter (UoE) and Falmouth University (Falmouth). We are jointly owned, 50:50, by Falmouth and UoE and in legal terms we are an exempt charitable company limited by guarantee.

Our charitable purpose is:

To advance the education of the public by providing and assisting in the provision of higher education facilities in Cornwall.

As an exempt charity, any financial surpluses that we make through commercial activities (either directly or through our subsidiary commercial company, Cornwall Plus Ltd) can only be used for our main charitable purpose.

Our decision-making structure

Our decision-making structure reflects both our joint ownership by Falmouth and the UoE and also our role as their service delivery partner.

Our most senior decision-making body is the Falmouth Exeter Plus (FX Plus) Board, which determines our strategic direction and has ultimate responsibility for overseeing all significant areas of our business.

The Board is currently made up of eight Directors – three appointed by UoE, three appointed by Falmouth, and two appointed by the Board. The Managing Director of FX Plus is also a Director. 

Current Directors appointed by UoE are Mike Shore-Nye, Registrar and Secretary (Chair of the Board, 2017/18);  Jane Chafer, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs; and Andrew Connolly, Chief Financial Officer.

Current Directors appointed by Falmouth are Peter Cox, Chief Operating Officer (Deputy Chair of the Board, 2017/18); Daniel Jones, Director of Human Resources; and Dr Robin Kirby, Strategic Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor and Secretary to the Board of Governors.

Other directors are Professor David Hosken, Dean of Strategic Development, Cornwall Campuses, UoE and Professor Alan Murray, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Falmouth.

Decisions of the Board must have the support of at least two of the Directors from each university. The Board has a schedule of its powers, as well as those delegated to the MD (see below).

The MD FX Plus has powers delegated to her/him by the Board. These delegated powers include:

  • Being responsible for all activities which fall within approved strategies and budgets.
  • Approving management structures – below the level of the Senior Executive Team (SET).
  • Appointing and dismissing staff.
  • Formulating proposals to implement strategies.
  • Financial commitments (within certain limits).
  • Approving policies.
  • Health and safety etc.

The FX Plus Board also has two senior committees – Joint Systems Committee and Strategic Infrastructure Committee to assist it with business not delegated to the MD.

The MD is advised and assisted by the SET, which is responsible for:

  • Providing leadership to FX Plus.
  • Advising the MD.
  • Consulting with stakeholders.

Please see our Who we are and what we do webpages for our current SET membership. SET members also have delegated powers.

SET is advised by a range of liaison and working groups (see Liaison and Working Groups tab) and by a Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee. These groups allow the relevant members of SET to ensure that decision-making in all areas is based on consultation with relevant stakeholders – whether they are Falmouth and UoE students and staff, FX Plus staff, students’ union (FXU), trade unions, or other people who are able to advise us.

The MD has made a commitment to report any major issues from these consultation groups to the Board, and where strategy is being brought to the Board for approval, the MD provides a summary of stakeholder comments.

FX Plus also works alongside the Students’ Union (SU) via departmental liaison groups.

Finally, because we deliver services for Falmouth and the UoE, it is important that FX Plus senior staff are in close contact with the senior staff and committees of UoE and Falmouth, so formal points of contact between the two university partners and FX Plus have been reviewed and strengthened.